Electric Pressure Cookers

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Pressure cookers revolutionized cooking when they were first introduced. But they had one major flaw, they were massive heavy things. This flaw has now been overcome and you don't even need to have them on your stove top anymore. Electric pressure cooking is changing the way we cook. You no longer need to take hours slaving over a stew, its there in half an hour!

What is a pressure cooker

The concept of a pressure cooker is a simple thing. The vessel is heated up with a little water, the water creates steam and this creates a high pressure. Because of the higher pressure you can achieve much higher temperatures inside and therefor you can cook the food quicker.

And the benefit doesn't stop with the fast cooking time either. With electric comes programmes and a little intelligence. Your electric pressure cooker will practically cook the food for you. You just need to put the ingredients in.

Electric Pressure Cooker Features

Using electric to pressure cook is a major advantage as can be seen from the above. Choose your cooker wisely and you shouldn't have any problems at all.

But what should you look for in the way of features? At a very minimum the cooker should have preset programmes that will cook at different temperatures and pressures. Safety features should also be a standard which you can't ignore, they have to have certain ones to abide to the current regulations. A great feature to have is a set and forget mode, whereby you can literally chuck all the ingredients in and walk away.